About Us


We are a small family run business.  All of us have regular jobs and careers but love to build furniture as a hobby.  Everything you see has been built by hand in either my fathers or my home shop, garage, basement or driveway......really whereever we can find the space to do so. 


Below are some pictures of us all hard at work, and as you will see we get the whole family involved


John Wood

Email: john@crookedwoodtables.com


Matt Wood

Email:  matt@crookedwoodtables.com

Where to Find Us: We now have a store, come visit us in Middleport, NY

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Come visit us at the Central Square Applefest, Sept25-27th, 2015

We are a small family business. Chances are if you see us at a show or contact us through email you will always hear the same friendly voices.